Dodge City X Trail Bicycles Bike Course Revealed!

Dodge City X Trail Bicycles Bike Course revealed!

The biggest question we’ve been asked since announcing PACE Multisport Dodge City X is, “What’s the bike route??”  Well, finally you have an answer.

The Trail Bicycles Bike Course has been revealed for both the Sprint Course and the Standard Course (Relay participants will use the Standard course). Interactive TrailForks maps, complete with detailed trail information, can be viewed on the appropriate “race info” page. If you prefer a text description, read on . . .

Note that these routes are subject to change. We highly recommend that you pre-ride the Trail Bicycles Bike Course if you have the chance. Please note, however, that the course will be unmarked until race day, and that you’ll be riding at your own risk. Like the Cumberland trails and want to support more trail development and continued access? We also highly recommend that you show your support and purchase a $20 annual United Riders of Cumberland membership.


Trail Bicycles Bike Course description

View an interactive TrailForks map: Standard/Relay Course  Sprint Course


Note: The following describes the Standard Course. For the Sprint course, just eliminate the whole “Upper Loop.” You’ll turn left at the top of Buggered Pig instead of right and then pick the description back up with the “End” section.



  1. Start: Extreme Runners Transition Area at Comox Lake
  2. Follow the highway for just over one km, then duck into the trails. You’ll never see another road open to traffic on this route!
  3. An unnamed access trail will take you to the trailhead for Coal Creek Trail (AKA China Creek Trail). Don’t forget the quick left then right midway to stay on the access trail!
  4. Follow Coal Creek Trail past the bottom of DCDH, over the walking bridge and down into the Chinese Heritage Site (near the disc golf course and Jumbo’s Cabin)
  5. Hang a right just before the gate, ride over the boardwalk and climb the access trail toward the top of Mama Bear. Relish the fact that FINALLY you can start climbing!
  6. After the really steep short climb, hang left toward Mama Bear, and then follow the access trail (the one you’re on) all the way to Davis Lake Main logging road.
  7. Turn right, and then turn right again after about 200 metres into Two and a Juice
  8. At the end of Two and a Juice, turn left onto the Buggered Pig Climb
  9. Climb Buggered Pig all the way to the end at Davis Lake Main, then turn right over the bridge.


Upper Loop (Standard Only):

  1. Follow the road for about 400 metres, then take the sharp left up “the Guts” (AKA Bear Buns Climb)
  2. Climb, climb, climb!!
  3. At the corner with the info sign/map, continue straight over the small bridge and keep climbing. You LOVE climbing!
  4. Cross another small bridge (by the sharp left corner), and then continue up the trail (the same one you’re on), which curves to the right after the bridge.
  5. After a short steep, hang left and cross Sykes Bridge
  6. Spit out onto the road, climb for about 200 metres more, then turn left onto Teapot.
  7. Take Teapot all the way down to where it ends at a sharp right turn onto an old logging road (DON’T take That Dam Trail!)
  8. Follow that road around the east side of Allen Lake (watch for baby heads!). Keep right at the fork and then turn left onto Trestle (just before Railroad)
  9. At the intersection, turn left (sharp downhill turn) and then hang right to head toward Sunset Strip.
  10. Take Sunset Strip. Keep right at the intersection mid-trail.
  11. At the end of Sunset strip, turn left and follow that access trail all the way back down to Davis Lake Main.
  12. Turn left onto Davis Lake Main and repeat steps 1-12 of the “Upper Loop.” Climb, climb, CLIMB!!
  13. After your second loop, turn right onto Davis Lake Main instead of left, and then proceed to the next section of the course description.



  1. Follow Davis Lake Main down about 200 metres, turn right at the intersection, and then veer right again at the next fork (Entrails Access)
  2. Follow Entrails Access about 150 metres, the turn left onto Entrails
  3. Turn right onto Rugburn (at the short, rough boardwalk) after about 150 metres.
  4. Follow Rugburn until just after the second bridge (the curved one), then turn left onto Scat. Mind the steep.
  5. Take Scat all the way to where it ends at a logging road (50:1 Access Road), then turn right.
  6. Make a quick left onto Brat.
  7. Veer left where Brat joins Crafty Butcher. Wheeeeeeee!!
  8. Turn left at the bottom of the trail onto Davis Lake Main, then cross the Soggy Biscuit Climb straight onto Black Hole.
  9. Go past the entrance to No Hole, staying right. About 50 metres later, veer left to stay on Black Hole.
  10. At the four-way trail intersection turn right onto Space Nugget.
  11. At the bottom of Space Nugget, go straight across the logging road (Davis Lake Main), through the concrete blocks and over the bridge onto Colliery Line.
  12. Follow Colliery Line past the pump track and dog park all the way into Village Park. This will be Race Central and Extreme Runners T2!
  13. Go to Cumberland Village Bakery and the Wandering Moose Café for a treat, because you’ve earned it!



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