Lake Swim | Epic Mountain Bike | Kick-Ass Trail Run
September 8, 2024 | Cumberland, BC

This is

What makes Frontrunners Fit Chiropractic Dodge City X the West Coast's premier off-road triathlon?

Well . . . yeah. What makes Frontrunners Fit Chiropractic Dodge City X so epic is swimming, biking and running your way through some of the best singletrack in the world and finishing in the heart of Vancouver Island's most kick-ass trail community. Why else might you race? Because of the rush. Because of the challenge. Because it feels pretty damn good to cross that finish line.
But most of all, you're going to race to test your limits on spectacular trails carved through lush rainforest, over mountain streams and alongside breathtaking ocean vistas. And because hanging out post-race in the heart of Cumberland with 150 of your newest friends is pretty kick-ass.

It's all about the experience

Frontrunners Fit Chiropractic Dodge City X is a fun-forward event that's as much about the camaraderie as it is about the competition. Kick back with your friends, family and fellow athletes at Race Central while you dig the upbeat tunes and commiserate about your accomplishments, and enjoy some food and drink in a laid-back, festival-like atmosphere. Once you're here, you'll get it.

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Please Note: Frontrunners Fit Chiropractic Dodge City X features a technical mountain bike course that’s not ideal for beginner mountain bikers.

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