Lake Swim | Mountain Bike | Trail Run
September 10, 2022 | Cumberland, BC

We’re pumped to have Extreme Runners back on board

Look, we know that Extreme Runners likely doesn’t need to throw its support behind a race like ours.

The only true running store in the Comox Valley, Extreme Runners is already the go-to for shoes, running gear or the latest issue of Canadian Running. The fact that the Extreme Runners crew chooses to support endurance events in the Comox Valley despite already being on top is a testament to their support of the local athletic community.

Extreme Runners has once again thrown their support behind PACE Multisport Dodge City X as transition sponsor, and if you haven’t already you shoudl definitely throw your support behind them. I mean, you’ve got a lot of training to do ahead of September 7 — are you sure your current trail shoes have it in them?

Visit Extreme Runners online at or in person at 436 Fifth Street in Downtown Courtenay.