Lake Swim | Mountain Bike | Trail Run
September 10, 2022 | Cumberland, BC

Thomas Dargie will show you the money

Have we mentioned how fortunate we are to have such amazing sponsors?

Have we mentioned that one of them whom you shoudl all get to know is Thomas Dargie, of IG Wealth Management? Thomas has been our Run Course sponsor since our first race last year, and he’s been integral to the experience we’ve been abel to deliver at PACE Multisport Dodge City X.

Want him to be integral to your success as well? We encourage you to support the people who help us put on this event for all of our participants. He’s happy to sit down with anyone to discus their financial goals, investments, insurance plans, etc. It’s all about a comprehensive financial plan that fits your needs, your goals and your family.

You can find all of Thomas’s contact details on his Facebook page.

Of course, you can also chat him up on the starting line (try to get in his head) or at ace Central after the race. He’ll be competing in his second PACE Multisport Dodge City X. Good luck Thomas!