Thomas Dargie, Investors Group, Sponsoring DCX

Thomas Dargie, Investors Group, sponsoring DCX


To kickoff one of the toughest, most epic cross triathlons that Van Isle has ever seen, it’s not surprising that it’d take a village (in this case, it’s actually the village… that legendary Dodge City). It also takes the support of a lot of passionately invested individuals.

We’re super proud to announce that Thomas Dargie, Financial Consultant with Investor’s Group, is now the official sponsor of the running leg of Dodge City X!


When he’s not helping his Comox Valley clients build wealth faster and plan their financial futures, you’ll likely find Dargie lacing up his running shoes and hitting the pavement. An avid road runner, he’s got a fiery passion for crossing finish lines and competing in races all over the Island.

Dargie’s also involved in a number of local running-related organizations and community initiatives. We’re beyond pumped to have this guy on the team!

Visit Thomas Dargie’s website.


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