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September 8, 2024 | Cumberland, BC

Get a custom mtn bike fitting from Fresh Tracks Physio!

Are you ready to elevate your mountain biking to new heights? Our newest event sponsor, Fresh Tracks Physiotherapy in Courtenay, offers a mountain bike fitting service that will help you squeeze every last watt of power from your mountain biking this season. As avid riders and Dodge City X competitors themselves, Fresh Tracks’ physiotherapists understand the importance of comfort, efficiency, and performance in every pedal stroke – and your peak performance is their mission.

​Every bike fitting at Fresh Tracks is performed by a BikeFit certified physiotherapist and includes a comprehensive history of you and your bike, plus a thorough assessment of the side view (seat and handle bar adjustments) and front view (pedal and cleat adjustments). The goals of a bike fit are to help improve comfort, reduce pain, and improve performance on your bike.

Plus, your bike fitting can be claimed as “physiotherapy” under extended health plans!

Ride with confidence — not pain

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned racer, Fresh Tracks’ team is dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential on the trails. Their approach is highly personalized, and they take the time to listen to your specific concerns and goals, ensuring that every adjustment is tailored to your needs and riding style.

With Fresh Tracks Physiotherapy’s mountain bike fitting service, you can ride with confidence knowing that your bike is optimized for peak performance. Say goodbye to discomfort, fatigue, and inefficiency, and hello to smoother, more enjoyable rides. Whether you’re tackling technical singletrack or grinding up Cumberland’s gnarly climbs, a professional mountain bike fitting will help you unlock your full potential.

Ready to Ride?

If you’re ready to take your riding to the next level, schedule your mountain bike fitting appointment with Fresh Tracks Physiotherapy today. Call them at 250.871.7177 or visit them online at