Dodge City X Thomas Dargie Investors Group Run Course Revealed!

Dodge City X Thomas Dargie Investors Group Run Course Revealed!

Ever since we revealed the Trail Bicycles Bike Course for PACE Multisport Dodge City X, the biggest question we’ve been asked is, unsurprisingly, “What’s the run route??”  Well, finally you have an answer.

The Thomas Dargie Investors Group Run Course has been revealed for both the Sprint Course and the Standard Course (Relay participants will use the Standard course). Interactive TrailForks maps, complete with detailed trail information, can be viewed on the appropriate “race info” page (links in this paragraph above). If you prefer a text description, read on . . .

Note that these routes are subject to change. Please note, however, that the course will be unmarked until race day, and that if you choose to pre-run the course you’ll be doing so at your own risk. Like the Cumberland trails and want to support more trail development and continued access? We highly recommend that you show your support and purchase a $20 annual United Riders of Cumberland membership. As the organization that supports trail development and access in the Cumberland area, they’ve got our backs whether we’re bikers or runners – or both!



View an interactive TrailForks map: Standard/Relay Course  Sprint Course


Note: The following describes the Sprint Course. The Standard course involves two loops of the “Middle” section. So after you spit out of 50:1 after your first loop, you’ll head back up Rapture Access for loop two before proceeding to the “End” section.



  1. Start: Extreme Runners Transition Area at Village Park (“Race Central”)
  2. Exit the park via the path behind the Coal Hills BMX track and enter the trail network via the narrow bridge just after the interpretive sign
  3. Just after the bridge, turn right onto Josh’s Trail
  4. After a few hundred metres, turn left off of Josh’s toward the logging road (I believe it’s the second “exit” you’ll come to on Josh’s)
  5. Cross the logging road and head straight up Rapture Access



  1. Head up Rapture Access
  2. At the trail intersection, hang a right onto Rapture
  3. Keep following Rapture, being careful not to veer left onto Ascension or right onto Resurrection. (It can get a bit confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the trails. . .)
  4. Keep following Rapture all the way up to the chair (where it spits out at a logging road – you should see the remnants of an old wooden chair on your left.)
  5. At the chair, turn left onto 50:1
  6. Follow 50:1 all the way until it spits out onto the minor logging road, then turn right
  7. Follow the minor logging road about 200m, then turn left to continue on 50:1 (there is a small sign)
  8. Follow 50:1 all the way back down to the Davis Lake Main logging road. Note there is a very steep section of lower 50:1. This will be signed during the race but is unmarked until then. Please run cautiously and in control!
  9. Turn back up Rapture (U-turn to your left) for your second loop if you’re doing the standard course.



  1. Turn right onto the logging road (Davis Lake Main) at the bottom of 50:1
  2. Keep left at the intersection to head back toward Village Park
  3. Cross the narrow bridge and run back behind the Coal Hills BMX track toward the finish line at Village Park
  4. You did it! Go grab a donut from Cumberland Village Bakery and a coffee from the Wandering Moose Café.

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