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Returning September 2019 to Cumberland, BC

Standard Course details – Dodge City X

The Dodge City X Standard Course features a 1,500 m swim through the glacier-fed waters of Comox Lake, a 23 k mountain bike through Cumberland’s legendary trail network and a climby, 9 k trail run through the forests and hills overlooking Dodge City itself.

The race starts on the beach at Comox Lake and finishes in Village Park, in the heart of Cumberland.


Standard Course Stats:

Fit Chiropractic Swim Course: 1,500 metres
Trail Bicycles Bike Course: 23k, 746m elevation
Thomas Dargie Investors Group Run Course: 9k, 312m elevation
Extreme Runners Transition Areas: 2


Please note that all Standard Course participants must be at least 18 years old or turning 18 before December 31. Athletes who will be 16 by the end of the year can race our Sprint Course.

photo: Scott Vandermaat

photo: Alexander Campbell

Trail Bicycles Bike Course (standard):

Total elevation gain: 746 m  /  route subject to change

Thomas Dargie Investors Group Run Course (Standard):

Total elevation gain: 312 m / route subject to change

run route subject to change


Swim 1.5k | Mtn. Bike 23k | Run 9.5k


Swim 750m | Mtn. Bike 12k | Run 5k


Swim 1.5k | Mtn. Bike 23k | Run 9.5k