Comox Physiotherapy Clinic Partners With DCX!

Comox Physiotherapy Clinic partners with DCX!


We are SO psyched to announce our latest community partner: the Comox Physiotherapy Clinic!

Since 1992, Comox Physiotherapy Clinic has specialized in helping Valley athletes rehab and return to peak performance with their impressive roster of registered physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, state of the art equipment, and a commitment to patient care that is truly unrivaled.

And boy, do they happen to know a thing or two about high-level athletes and body biomechanics.

Owner Shannon (BSC PT) boasts an extensive array of experience in physiotherapy, manual therapy and women’s health. She and her team use a combination of advanced techniques to treat all injuries — from workplace, to sports, to car accidents — in patients of all ages, from all walks of life.  Clinic physiotherapist, Cassie Nobbs (BSC PT), also just so happens to be a distinguished triathlete herself — one with an elite international background competing in running, road cycling, cyclocross, endurance mountain biking. Impressive, right?

Oh, and she’ll be out on the course racing PACE Multisport Dodge City X, so make sure you thank her and her colleagues as she rips by!

Nothing sucks more than getting benched when you’ve dug too deep and pushed your body beyond its limits. These guys get it. When you need them (and you’ve got fire, so you will!), they’ll help you get back into the game.



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