Trail Bicycles Bike Course Change: Climbing Trail

Trail Bicycles Bike Course change: climbing trail

The top right of this image shows where Standard and Relay athletes will turn right at the top of Buggered Pig. The penned in route shows the new climbing trail.

By popular demand, and due to the sheer beauty of the new section of climbing trail that UROC has had built, we’ve decided to incorporate it into the Trail Bicycles Bike Course for PACE Multisport Dodge City X 2019. Note that this only applies to the Standard and Relay divisions.

Now, once you get to the top of Buggered Pig and turn right onto Davis Lake Main, instead of riding straight through to the guts climb (hairpin left turn), you’ll turn left after the bridge, then keep right at the fork (climbing trail will be on the right, Broadway will be on the left). The climbing trail will take you on a series of gentle switchbacks for about 600 metres before spitting you back out onto the guts road climb, where you’ll turn left and continue along the regular course.

This change doesn’t have a significant impact on the length of the course. The net difference is only about 100 metres, and the elevation gained remains the same. The climbing along the new route is more gradual than the guts road climb (although you’ll still have a bit of a grunty climb after the climbing trail), and it’s also trail as opposed to road, which is always a win in our books.

Please note that this change will not be reflected in the maps on our website and elsewhere, but it will (obviously?) be marked on the course itself come race day.


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