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The Back Story

Just a few kilometres into the Standard bike course at PACE Multisport Dodge City X 2019, Nolan Hunder’s seat post sheared off and he was left straddling a bare post rather than a cushy saddle. Rather than throw in the towel, however, he completed the entire 23-km course without a saddle and even headed out to complete the 9.5-km run when he arrived at T2. When he arrived back at Race Central just over an hour later, he had earned the respect of his fellow competitors, most of whom had by then heard rumours of “some guy dressed like Captain America who’s riding without a saddle.” 

We felt the need to recognize Nolan’s effort, and the Tough as Dodge award was born.

Nominate Yourself for the Tough as Dodge Award

Anyone who completes PACE Multisport Dodge City X is, by definition, tough. But some competitors face additional obstacles, such as overcoming illness or injury, persevering in the face of personal hardship, or simply having the inner fortitude to put aside their own ambition for the sake of a fellow competitor. 

If you fit that definition and are registered (in any category) in this year’s race, please send us a quick email telling us why you’re Tough as Dodge. Race organizers will choose a winner after the race. The winner will receive a unique Tough as Dodge medallion and a special gift from Cumberland Brewing Company.

Currently only self-nominations are being accepted.

Nolan Hunder, inaugural Tough as Dodge recipent, DCX 2019. Photo: Lorenz Jimenez

Tough as Dodge Hall of Fame

2021: Jennifer Hoffmann

2019: Nolan Hunder

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